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COVID-19 vaccination requirement

Final candidate guide to COVID-19 vaccination requirement

Governor Inslee’s Proclamation 21-14.2 requires all employees of Washington healthcare institutions to be fully vaccinated as a condition of employment unless a documented medical or religious exemption is approved. Being fully vaccinated means that an individual is at least two weeks past their final dose of an authorized COVID-19 vaccine regimen.

In order to be qualified for employment at Lincoln Hospital and Clinics, final candidates including but not limited to staff, management, and medical staff positions must comply with the vaccination requirement or receive an approved exemption.

Steps after a conditional offer of employment

If you are offered Lincoln Hospital and Clinics employment, take one of the following steps to meet the requirements of the proclamation:

If you are fully vaccinated

Communicate to your hiring manager that you are fully vaccinated. On your first date of employment, you will be required to provide proof of your COVID-19 vaccination to the Human Resources Department. Acceptable proof of vaccination includes:

  • CDC COVID-19 vaccination record card
  • Documentation of vaccination from a health care provider or electronic record
  • State immunization information system record
  • For an individual vaccinated outside of the USA, a reasonable equivalent of any of the above.

If you are in the process of getting vaccinated

Communicate to your hiring manager that you are in the process of becoming vaccinated. The hiring manager or recruiter may work with you to identify a start date that allows you to be compliant with the vaccine requirement and employed at Lincoln Hospital and Clinics or they may withdraw the offer.

If you are requesting a medical or religious exemption

Communicate to your hiring manager that you wish to request a medical or religious exemption. The Governor’s proclamation allows for reasonable accommodation for medical or religious reasons as outlined below.

Medical accommodation: A request for an exemption from the vaccination requirement as an accommodation due to an underlying medical condition and/or disability that prevents the individual from receiving an authorized COVID-19 vaccine. A medical exemption request must be supported by a healthcare provider statement that includes the anticipated duration of the need for accommodation.

  • Final candidates of all Lincoln Hospital and Clinic positions: Download the Lincoln Hospital and Clinics COVID-19 Medical Exemption Form and complete the Patient section. Ask your licensed healthcare provider (MD, DO, ND, ARNP, PA) to complete the rest of the form and return it to you. Follow the instructions on the form to submit your request to Human Resources Manager by email,

Religious accommodation: A request for an exemption from the vaccination requirement as an accommodation based on a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance that prevents an individual from being vaccinated against COVID-19. Individuals requesting a religious accommodation are required to provide Lincoln Hospital and Clinics with a statement explaining how their religious observance, practice or belief necessitates the request for accommodation and prevents the employee from receiving an authorized COVID-19 vaccination.

Requests for medical or religious exemption must be submitted within three calendar days of a conditional offer. An offer may be withdrawn if an exemption is not submitted within three calendar days.

The proclamation expressly prohibits providing accommodations that are known to be based on false, misleading, or dishonest grounds or information; and/or are based on the personal preference of the individual and not on an inability to get vaccinated because of a disability or a conflict with a sincerely held religious belief, practice, or observance.

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